Brother Mickey McGrath Coloring Meditations

A note from Brother Mickey McGrath

It should come as no surprise that I loved to color when I was a kid. To paraphrase St. Paul: “I used to think like a child, and act like a child, and color like a child, but now I am a man—and guess what? I still love to color like a child!”

As you have probably noticed by now, coloring has become quite the rage, with a plethora of books to satisfy your creative and therapeutic inclinations. But to me coloring is a sacred activity or meditation. Any creative endeavors that we pursue calm us down and bring us inner peace. Which is exactly where we find God: waiting patiently for us in the depths of color and shape, symbol and mystery.
The following pages offer images for you to color and illumine your spirit:

Joachim and Anna
Jesus has a sleepover with his grandparents! Color this when you need the love and guidance from the wisdom figures in your family.
Download Joachim and Anna

Joseph and Jesus Napping
Take time to rest and be at peace.
Download Joseph and Jesus Napping

St. Martha and the Dragon
Express yourself—your self-confidence and empowerment.
Download St. Martha and the Dragon

Black Madonna
Splash some color and invigorate your creative life.
Download Black Madonna

Start your coloring time with a prayer and offer it to God as gift. Light a candle. I recommend at least 15 minutes, but take more if you can.  If something is weighing on your mind, don’t dwell on it. Just think about the colors. If you customarily keep a journal, think of this time as journaling, especially if you don’t feel like writing.

Express yourself, don’t censor yourself! No one ever has to see your pages if you don’t care to share them, so use any colors you want, wherever you want. Or, get a group of friends together and color them together, with or without wine and music.  Maybe you will even want to give your colored pages to someone in need of your loving attention. Whatever you choose to color, just let your prayer be one of thanks: for color, and story and the creative Spirit that draws us closer to God.

These pictures are from DRAWING CLOSE TO GOD, my coloring book published by World Library Publications and available at A great gift idea!

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“Living and working in one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, and one of the poorest, I have discovered new meaning for my talents and gifts; the revelation of unexpected beauty which crosses paths with the pain and challenges I see before me every day.” ~Brother Mickey McGrath, an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales in Camden, New Jersey, teaches and shares the good news about deep and often whimsical connections between art and faith. More at