All Past Workshops from Wisdom Ways

Bob Schmitt Artist Reception

Come experience the latest body of work by Minnesota brush artist Bob Schmitt, as he explores the essence of the traditional zen simple circle (the ensō), the reality of being present to the moment with brush and ink, and the mysteries that can be brought to light in a single brush stroke.


Nurturing the Sacred Within: A Winter Retreat

This retreat explores the philosophy and practices of the Chakra System, one of the many sacred gifts given to us by God to be understood, nurtured and practiced in our spiritual journey. Experience its value in your own journey, practice and ministry. By truly understanding the beauty of the chakras in your own life, you can bring a deeper understanding and compassion to your life’s work.


Winter Solstice: Struck by the Inner Light

Rumi scholar and interpreter Fatemeh Keshavarz and musician Jessika Kenney will create a deeply meditative evening that touches the soul and makes space for the liminal mysteries that unfold throughout this season. The threads of hope that fill Rumi’s lines will inspire us to reach beyond our knowing, toward a vision for humanity that is beautiful, courageous and pregnant with God.