Focus Questions

abstract1Mindful of the people swept up by mass migration, Wisdom Ways is exploring home: home gained, home lost, home recreated.  We asked journalist and photographer Mike Kabeya Kazadi to interview more than a dozen Minnesotans of different ages, genders, cultures and life experiences. Drawing from a list of twelve questions shaped for this project, he asked about their experiences of home:

  • When you think of the word home, what comes to mind?
  • What feelings do you associate with home?
  • How do you create home?
    • Within your body, your spirituality, and in relationships?
  • How has your meaning of home changed over time?
  • When have you experienced loss of home?
  • How have you experienced the grace of being or coming home?
  • How has your understanding of home influenced your calling/your vocation?
  • What rituals or traditions do you have related to home?
  • How have you reinvented your idea of home?
  • How has your sense of home informed your walk between different cultures?
  • How do you relate to nature as home?



Ways to use the Exploring Home focus questions and reflections:

  • Writing prompts
  • Individual reflection and journaling
  • Study groups and classes to focus discussion and reflection
  • Inspiration for play about home

How have you engaged with these questions and with the meaning of home?  Let us know at