Exploring Home Project

Millions and millions of people are on the move today, some attracted by new dreams and horizons, others uprooted by violence and conflict. No matter what the circumstances, leaving a home disrupts familiar habits and relationships. The simple ways we express ourselves each day—the way we set the table, the pot that holds our tea—are no more. So much gain. So much loss.

Movement on the scale we are witnessing now raises emotions and questions that rock us to our core. Where to go? How to belong? How to welcome?

Mindful of the people swept up by mass migration, Wisdom Ways is exploring home: home gained, home lost, home recreated.  We asked journalist and photographer Mike Kabeya Kazadi to interview more than a dozen Minnesotans of different ages, genders, cultures and life experiences. Drawing from a list of 10 questions shaped for this project, he asked about their experiences of home.

What they had to say reveals much about the ways we all carry our deep hunger for home. We are grateful to all who opened their hearts and shared their reflections. Their stories invite us to explore what home means. Join the continuing conversation!




HOME PROJECT COORDINATOR: Mike Kabeya Kazadi (photographer/journalist)

nest2“My work on this project brought back the memory of my need to flee my homeland, the Democratic Republic of Congo, nearly a decade ago, which resulted in the reconstruction of my own home. Listening to the interviewees, I realized we each hold stories of forced movement—of needing to readjust or reinvent our sense of home at some point in our life. No matter the external circumstances, I have been touched by our mutual tendency to create an inner home that meets our shared human need of love, assurance, belonging and safety.  I was amazed by all the different spaces and places that assist the growth of this inner home: Lake Superior, chakra meditation, centering prayer, important relationships, the church, the heart, a meditation spot in the back yard, even a red chair. 

From nine years old to 83 years old, we share a desire to be safe, to be at peace, to be loved, and to be accepted and these feelings are what seem to be foundational to our sense of building and making home!  Our discussions enriched me and left me wondering: Isn’t our longing for home merely an echo of a higher invitation to regain that inner place where we connect with ourselves, and fall in sync with the entire universe?

Mike talks about how Exploring Home impacted him.

home_mike-1-of-1Mike Kabeya Kazadi
is a Communications Technician at the University of Minnesota and owner of Kabeya Pictures, where he enjoys doing design, photography, videography, and sound engineering work. Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Mike hosted the show, Matinée Sacrée (Sacred Morning) for many years in the DRC, providing a unique journalistic lens on a variety of spiritual topics.

Exploring Home Reception June 2, 2016