Our Program

A transformative two-year journey that will deepen your spirituality and offer new insights into your life journey, broaden your sense of contribution to community and prepare you to listen deeply as a spiritual guide. If desired, receive training as a professional spiritual guide and companion.

Our work together is focused on three areas:

  • Origin and the new cosmic story: Awakening consciousness and developing new language. What is the unfolding universe?

  • Soul/Inner Life: Exploring, discovering and engaging with the sacred within. What is unfolding within me?

  • Community: What are my gifts and how am I being called to contribute to my community’s healing and unfolding story?


Our Learning Community:

Transforming Soul and Society 2017-2019 Cohort

Experience silence, contemplation, and integration as a pathway to transformation. Enter a sacred circle where you share story, ritual, and insights from study and creativity with others from diverse backgrounds and faith traditions who share a mutual desire to meet life’s challenges and joys with renewed hope and compassion.

Our learning deepens and expands through various forms of engagement with ourselves and others.

These include:

  • Presentations, reading and shared inquiry

  • Centering, reflection and meditative practices

  • Mutual sharing in an intimate group setting

  • Practice of individual and group spiritual guidance

Program history
Reading List 2019 – 2020
Theme List 2019 – 2020

Areas of Study

  • Sacred Stories throughout time

  • Spirituality, Psychology and Social Issues

  • Ritual and Meaning-Making

  • The Art of Discernment

  • Symbol and Myth

  • The Sacred Art of Listening

  • Loss and Grief

  • Vulnerability, Shame, Courage and Resilience

  • Dreamwork

  • Expressive Arts

  • Individual and group spiritual guidance

“Our lives are an unfolding mystery . . . no matter how small our role, each of us is a carrier of cosmic energy and a crucial part of a great unfolding pattern. We will not see the end of that pattern, but we need to carry our own part of it to the end.”

– James Hollis

Program Faculty: 

Delmarie Gibney, FSPA, D. Min., and Patricia Brenneman, MA, bring extensive experience in education, theology, ministry, psychology, leadership and spiritual guidance. Guest practitioners and presenters enrich the program work. Each participant meets annually with a program leader for personal consultation.

If you are interested in learning more about the spiritual guidance program, please feel free to e-mail the program faculty.

Delmarie Gibney: delgibney@comcast.net





Patricia Brenneman: patriciaspiritualdirection@gmail.com






Other Program Details:  

Transforming Soul and Society will be on a programmatic pause for re-imagining and re-envisioning beginning in May 2021. Contact Wisdom Ways at 651.696.2788 to learn more about the Transforming Soul and Society program and receive further details of when the program will start again.

Participant Reflections:

“For me, the program was completely transformative. Right from the beginning, my old worldview was challenged and the new stories that emerged allowed me to view myself, others and the earth in a whole new light.  My priorities have shifted and my day-to-day life is more joyful and less anxious.  I am very concerned about our planet and know–to the core of my being–that we are all connected.  What is good for you is good for me and what is good for Mother Earth is good for all beings.  I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a deep connection with All that is.”

*Kate Redpath, Graduate

“I apply the teachings an learnings in my daily life.  There is no way to separate the ‘learning from the living.’ They are inextricably linked in the best possible sense.”

*Former Student