Monday, April 5 – Monday, May 24, 2021

This 8-week course is a space to support and expand the self-care practices of health care workers, caregivers, teachers, activists and anyone with heavy spirits right now. Seven Portal Sky is part workbook, part autobiography, and part dream – it details a vision for healing justice and daily practices for moving with and through the emotions – from overwhelm and fear, to anger and grief – arising for many of us in these winds of change. These traditional medicine practices offer us ways to stay present, to stay in our bodies, and remain in the ongoing struggle for healing as individuals and as a nation.

Ihotu Jennifer Ali, MPH, LMT, will guide you through poems, stories, and visual art from Seven Portal Sky, designed to shift and balance your energy field, as you explore seven chakras (from the Yoga tradition) and seven Orisha spirit archetypes (from the Nigerian Yoruba tradition). You’ll experiment with a weekly set of simple practices based on indigenous concepts of earth, water, fire, ecosystem, wind, light, and sky that can gently support your physical health (digestion, nervous and immune systems, and menstrual health), mental and emotional health, and offer ways to deepen your practice of justice and solidarity as allies.

COST:  $195.00. Registered participants will be able to access the course from April 5 – May 24 and, before the course begins, will receive instructions for getting started and the Zoom links for the instructor calls. If multiple household members plan to take the course, please register as individuals.This class is limited to 20 participants.

Check back for Zoom call dates.

Online Course Expectations + Details:

  • Accessing the course: Prior to the start of the course on April 5, you will receive an email that contains instructions for getting started in the online portal. You will read and reflect at your own pace each week and have the opportunity to interact on a course forum and participate in two optional Zoom calls.
  • Technical Requirements: If you have access to a computer or other device (laptop, iPad, smartphone, etc.) and an internet connection, you will be able to engage in all aspects of this course.


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Ihotu Jennifer Ali (she/her) is an integrative medicine practitioner, doctoral student, doula, and writer. Carrying mixed race, Nigerian and Polish-Irish ancestry, Ihotu’s work integrates chiropractic care, craniosacral and womb massage, birth and breastfeeding support, nutrition and herbalism, Black spirituality and Afrofuturism, sound healing and transformative justice. She has experience in human rights research under the United Nations, maternal and child health policy, solidarity economics, and is a founding member of the Minnesota Healing Justice Network. Ihotu is the author of self-published “Seven Portal Sky,” a workbook for healing and justice after George Floyd, and writes and consults on culture, medicine, solidarity & liberation.

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