Labyrinths are deeply rooted in the Christian tradition. While connected to Christianity since 324 AD, the labyrinth symbol is not confined to any one religious tradition and thus crosses and connects many spiritual traditions.

Labyrinths have been widely used and embraced by the CSJ community through a 13-year history of providing an outdoor labyrinth to the public and many more years of offering labyrinth programming and experiences through Wisdom Ways.

Wisdom Ways has two outdoor labyrinths on the Carondelet Center grounds. We welcome you to visit them at any time to discover the labyrinth for yourself.

Garden Labyrinth:

The Garden Labyrinth is a smaller 3-circuit labyrinth located on the west side of Carondelet Center parking lot near Angie’s garden. The garden-style labyrinth is intended to create an interactive space of flowering visual and fragrant delight with native plants. The small path length is suitable for those who have lower stamina or less time available to walk the larger labyrinth.

The apple tree rooted by the entrance of the Garden Labyrinth continues its life as witness to walkers of the labyrinth path. It is the lone remnant of the original mown labyrinth site that is now home to Carondelet Village.

Marilyn Larson designed the Garden Labyrinth.

Learn more about plants that are in the Garden Labyrinth. These include many medicinal plants that grow wild in Minnesota, including Asters, Wild Strawberries, Sunflowers, and Milkweed.

Chartres Labyrinth:

The 11-circuit Chartres design labyrinth located on the south side of Carondelet Center parking lot is a replica of the 800-year-old labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral in France. This pattern has been the most embraced and widely used labyrinth by the CSJ community.

This was the pattern mowed into the grounds and walked for 13 years. With the construction of Carondelet Village, it was returned to the earth. It was well known throughout the Twin Cities and wider region as the Grandmother of Labyrinths and walked by thousands of people.

The newly installed 11-circuit with bricks laid into the lawn provides a long, leisurely walking path preferred by many labyrinth meditators and enthusiasts.

Lisa Moriarty designed the Chartres Labyrinth.

Details and Location:

These labyrinths are open to the public and open to visitors.

Parking is available in the Carondelet Center lots.

More Information:

Contact Wisdom Ways at or call 651-696-2788 for questions about our labyrinths and programs including Walking in Harmony, Wisdom Ways’ monthly labyrinth walk.

Wisdom Ways also provides a wide variety of labyrinth resources to enhance your experience with the labyrinth, labyrinth rentals, and regular programs related to the labyrinth.

Outdoor Labyrinth Dedication:

In Summer 2016, the two outdoor labyrinths were dedicated.

Click on the images below to see photos of the dedication ceremony.