Wednesdays, October 31 and November 7, 2018
7:30 – 9:00 am

As men, we are often pressured to show certain kinds of skills and expertise, with an emphasis on being able to think things through, create logical plans, and have a dossier of achievements by the time we’re middle-aged. But what about other kinds of gifts that are often overlooked in men? The strength that comes from vulnerability, the feelings that are at the heart of courage?

This two-part series will help in identifying innate gifts we have which are not always recognized and celebrated by not only the culture around us, but by us, ourselves. What might happen if we re-imagine the gifts of being male?

COST:  $40.00 for both sessions



Doug Federhart is a trained spiritual director and an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ tradition. Through his ministry, Cirque Discovery, he offers individual spiritual coaching for people in various kinds of life transitions, and designs and leads workshops and retreats on a variety of themes. He has a special affinity for people in addiction recovery, and for the LGBT communities.

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