Sunday, July 22, 2018

7:30 – 9:00 am

“Mary Magdalene” by He Qi

​A​ll four Gospels depict ​Mary Magdalene​ as leading the group of women who first witnessed events surrounding the Resurrection. ​She was the “apostle to the apostles.” Yet, almost from the beginning, Christian tradition suppressed her story and turned her into a seductress. Come gather in ritual, song, and prayer as we celebrate Mary Magdalene and lay claim to a discipleship of equals in the church today.

You are invited to wear red in celebration of Mary Magdalene.

COST:  This program is free. Please register.
This event will be held on the outdoor labyrinth on the south side of the Carondelet Center.

“In essence, Miriam of Magdala is a first-century Jewish woman who acts in the power of the Spirit. A faithful disciple of Jesus during his ministry, first witness of the risen Christ, on fire with the Spirit of Pentecost, she is an apostolic leader who helps develop the gospel message and continues Jesus’ preaching once he is gone.”
-Elizabeth Johnson

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