Thursdays, May 6, 13, and 20, 2021
1:30 – 3:30 pm

Have you felt the impulse to recharge by the water? Come explore how richly meaningful praying by the water can be, grounded in tradition and connecting us with our community. A 45-minute presentation will prepare you for 30 minutes of practice. Meditative songs and readings will help you enter into silent contemplation. Through stories, Christian mysticism, the watershed, and justice movements, we will explore the depth and significance of contemplation by the water.

May 6: Living Water
The Scripture expression “Living Water” invites us to ponder how the water is alive. Standing on the banks of the flowing Mississippi we cannot help but observe the life of the water and the life around it. Come explore the idea that water holds consciousness and a memory of our geological, indigenous, and modern history. Contemplating by the water helps our hearts–not just our minds–connect with the aliveness of water, and kindles a mystical inner wellspring of living water.

May 13: Immersing Ourselves in the Water
This session is about immersing ourselves in the water and being transformed by that encounter. Water connects us all and our watershed links us together in what Brock Dolman calls a “basin of relationships.” We will explore how baptism can be an initiation into deeper relatedness. You will also learn the three ways the concept of Watershed Discipleship (from the title of Ched Myers’ anthology) invites us to immerse ourselves in loving this holy and sacred created world.

May 20: Blessing the Water
Come learn from our relatives in the Eastern and Ethiopian Orthodox Churches, who have rich traditions for blessing the water. Our contemplative practice is inspired by the Eastern Orthodox Great Blessing of the Waters. Knowing our roots will add richness and grounding to our practice.

COST:  $60.00; this series will be held at Hidden Falls Park, St. Paul, by the boat launch. (Rain date May 27)


Class Introduction from Emily:




Dancer, healer and teacher Emily Jarrett Hughes helps people seeking transformation for themselves and for the world. She teaches and performs traditional dances as a tool for transformation and leads workshops and retreats exploring embodied theology, cosmic evolution, water and social transformation.

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