Mondays, September 28 – December 7, 2020
6:30 – 8:30 pm (Central Time via Zoom)

In this online course, theologian Elizabeth Johnson rethinks and reimagines the mystery of God in our unfinished world and fraught times.  Her book Creation and the Cross engages us seekers in critical and creative dialogue with Anselm’s feudal metaphor that makes Jesus’ death necessary to restore his Father’s honor.  No metaphor is adequate to express the mystery of God.  In our culture today, satisfaction theory turns God into an abusive father and makes Jesus a victim.

Instead, Johnson places Jesus’ death and resurrection in today’s evolutionary and cosmic context, connecting human suffering and the suffering of all creation.  What we are experiencing in our daily lives as protecting ourselves from COVID-19 has disconnected us from each other, cleared our skies, and raised havoc with livelihoods among our poorest neighbors.

What we are experiencing as protest liturgies in our streets and around the world is seeking justice for all the oppressed who know the knee on the neck that killed George Floyd. Protest litanies insist we say his name and those killed before him.  Black Lives Matter.  As people sweep up the broken glass of neighbors’ lives and livelihoods, what are we learning?  What are we learning about the brokenness and suffering embedded within the lands, waters, our interdependencies and the shared life of beings in our planetary ecologies?  How do we live resurrection and the mystery of holy surprise?

Our virtual class will include pre-recorded lecture, small- and large-group discussion, access to a private course webpage, and a live Zoom conversation with Professor Johnson on November 9.

Sessions include:

  • Wrestling with Anselm
  • The Creating God Who Saves
  • God of All Flesh: Deep Incarnation
  • All Creation Groaning
  • Conversion of Heart and Mind: Us


COST:  $220.00 for the series, $25.00 per session. (The 12/7 session is free to attend; please register.)

Each session will be held via Zoom and has a total contact time of two hours.

The Hedgerow Initiative offers sustained, systematic programming in feminist theological education, spiritual integration, and leadership for a just and holy world. In a particular way, the Initiative highlights the scholarship of women who since the 1950s have worked to reclaim women’s presence and significance in scripture, church, history, theology and culture. The Initiative takes its name from the hedgerow schools in Ireland that kept alive the language, faith, culture and community of the people during the time of the British penal codes. A hedgerow is a biosphere and a haven.

Online Course Expectations + Details:

  • Register as individuals; if more than one person from your household is taking the course, ensure that you are participating in the course from separate devices.
  • After registering and prior to the date of the start of each individual session, you will receive an email from Wisdom Ways with the Zoom link and other information, including access to a private webpage on the Wisdom Ways website that includes all course materials.
  • Have the technology and internet connection that allow for stable video and audio connection through a computer or a hand-held device (e.g., tablet or smart phone).
  • Each Zoom session will open 15 minutes prior to the start time so that any technological challenges can be addressed.
  • Each Zoom session will include a facilitator from Wisdom Ways who will help navigate the small groups, and the questions and comments that are shared through the chat function.


Primary Texts:

Creation and the Cross:
The Mercy of God for a Planet in Peril

Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ

Chapters from Johnson’s Ask the Beasts: Darwin and the God of Love; Friends of God and Prophets: A Feminist Theological Reading of the Communion of Saints; and Quest for the Living God: Mapping Frontiers in the Mystery of God will also be used.

Texts can be purchased online from your local bookstore or from Wisdom Ways.
Call 651-696-2788 for details.


Hedgerow Instructors:


Joan Mitchell, CSJ, PhD


Andrea Tande, MA, Co-director CSJ Consociate Services


Colleen Carpenter, PhD, Saint Catherine University


Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ, PhD (November 9)

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