Wisdom Ways gift certificates are a beautiful way to share the spiritual programs and possibilities that Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality has to offer. They are available in any amount and never expire, though we encourage that they be redeemed within one year of the purchase date.







To purchase your gift certificates, follow these steps:



  • Please provide us with the following information, if possible (we recognize that this may not be possible in a phone message):
    • Your name and contact information
    • If possible, the name(s) of the gift certificate recipient(s); otherwise, we will leave that line blank
    • If desired, a message to put on the certificate, such as “Happy Holidays,” “For your birthday,” etc.; otherwise, we will leave that line blank
    • The monetary amount designated for each certificate


  • Wisdom Ways staff will contact you to finalize your order.


  • We will send the gift certificate(s) to you via email for you to forward them to the recipient(s) or so you can print them out to send by postal mail. If you would prefer different arrangements, please let us know.