Friday, October 26, 2018
7:00 – 9:00 pm

Learn more about everyday life within the Somali community in the Twin Cities and the challenges faced by refugees through an award-winning film written and directed by Musa Syeed. “A Stray” is about a Somali refugee whose life changes, not always for the better, when he befriends a dog, despite the fact that as a Muslim, Adan believes dogs are haram or forbidden under Islamic law.

Immersing the viewer in a social milieu unfamiliar to most of us, the movie captures how refugees struggle to survive in American communities.

Also, in a revelatory scene, into the Native American community; each group finds it difficult to understand the other’s “outsider” status. The film’s ending is influenced by a lesson an imam shares with Adan: A man was wandering in the desert and finally found water, but near the well, there was a thirsty dog. The man filled his shoe to give water to the dog before drinking some himself, and God granted the man heaven.

COST:  $10.00

A Stray Preview:


Film facilitator and St. Catherine graduate, Roda Abdi believes that community-building, resilience and empathy are all tangible effects that begin with being in dialogue and conversation with each other. Honest, life-affirming dialogue within ourselves and with those around us creates the snowball effect that leads to transformative change.

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