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Each chapter in this course has a “Materials” tab at the top. If you click on the “Materials” tab in this section, Instructions and Materials, you will find the materials for the entire course organized by part. But if you click on the Materials tab in a chapter, you will find all materials related to just that chapter. Materials consist of handouts and Power Point slides that Scott refers to in his video lectures, materials for reflection exercises, and further resources.

When in a Materials page, click on the “Chapter” tab at the top–not “Back to Course”–to go back to the chapter that you are on; “Back to Course” returns you to the Course Homepage. You also have the option to click on “Previous Chapter” to return to the prior chapter or “Next Chapter” to move on to the following chapter.

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Course FAQs

The FAQs document answers common questions about taking this online course with Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality.



Community Opportunity Information


This class will have two Zoom calls over the duration of the course. Participation is optional.

During these Zoom calls, attendees will have time to interact with one another and the course instructor, Scott McRae, and ask questions related to their learning in this course. They are an excellent way to embody community within this online modality.

Zoom calls will be held on Mondays, November 9 and 16, from 7:00 – 8:30 pm CT. Find the links below (you will also receive an email with the Zoom link on the day of each meeting):

Password for these calls: Intro1120!

Resources shared on course Zoom calls:



As part of this course, you are welcome to request to join a private Facebook group in which you can interact with your classmates. It is another mechanism for reflecting on the course material and questions. You can find the Facebook link below. The link will bring you to the Facebook login and Join Group page where you must fill in the login information of your account at the top right (or if you are already logged into your account, you will be brought directly to the page). Click the blue “Join Group” button for a notification to be sent to Wisdom Ways for us to add you to the group.  You will need to already have or create a Facebook account in order to join this group.

Once you have gotten into the Facebook Discussion Group page itself, you will see two announcements at the top of the page that explain the purpose of the group as well as invite you to introduce yourself. The remainder of the page contains the reflection questions found throughout the course. As you proceed through the course content, certain chapters will invite you to these reflection questions and you will be able to input your answers in the specific conversation thread on Facebook. These reflection questions are organized by course part and chapter topic and appear chronologically.



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