Wisdom Ways rents a variety of ritual resources for rituals, celebrations, games and dancing.  Items may be picked up or shipped for an additional charge. Renter is responsible for all shipment fees, including international custom fees (where applicable).

How to Rent: Labyrinth and ritual resource rental are currently on pause.  Please continue to check back on this page for when this service begins again. 

Also see our Labyrinth Resources to Rent



16 x 16-foot colorful, vinyl floor banner entitled “God’s Ecstasy-Resurrection,” designed by Ansgar Holmberg, CSJ, who studied with Ade Bethune, but her work took on a more colorful folk style as she progressed as an artist. She does not create for a liturgical purpose; rather, her art results from her own spiritual journey and life changes.


mapofworld16 x 16-foot, colorful, vinyl floor Map of the World. May be placed at the center of a room room for prayer, utilizing liturgies such as Holden Village Prayer Around the Cross. Created by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Global Mission Unit.


nasa_star_phoeoThis 16 x 16-foot map replicates the NASA Jewel Box Cluster photo that was taken by the Hubble telescope on January 13, 2008. This vinyl map is for indoor floor use and is a beautiful addition to any event. The vinyl is durable and can withstand walking traffic.


scarves12Scarves – A collection of over 100 scarves and fabrics from around the world create a multi-cultural, warm and dramatic atmosphere. This global collection adds color, texture and a sense of deep play to any labyrinth event.

$1 per scarf or fabric; $25 for 50; $50 for 100.

fabric1311 large fabrics with Celtic, African, and other global designs to cover tables, pianos, bookcases, or other spaces.

$3 each

masks14100 colorful feather masks may be used in a variety of ways to enhance your event.

$1.00 each; $70 for all

instruments16aInstruments: A collection of over 100 shakers, drums, rain sticks, bells, and other instruments from around the world. A multi-cultural experience. A group can simply follow the beat of a leader or begin to create its own music. The instruments are easy to play.

$1 per instrument; $25 for 50; $50 for 100.

whitesingingbowls16c6 white crystal singing bowls – These bowls are ideal for ceremony or displaying with candles in them. The tones are extraordinary.

$15 each or $85 for the set

gongs16d2 large Tibetan gongs – A gong may be used to call the group to attention or to formally begin the walk.

$10 each

xylophone16eXylophone – like: Freenotes Pegasus – combines both scales – 23 notes. Soothing and harmonious sounds. You cannot play it ‘wrong.’


fingerlabyrinths17Finger labyrinths may be used for private meditation or for people who are not able to walk the labyrinth. Children use them with joy. This group of finger labyrinths includes glass, ceramic, and wooden varieties and comes in small, medium, and large sizes.  Patterns include the traditional Chartes and Dancing Woman, designed by Lisa Moriarty.

To learn more about the history of the Chartes design, please visit Labyrinthos.

To learn more about the history and story of the Dancing Womandesign, please visit Lisa Moriarty’s website, Paths of Peace.

$5 apiece; $20 for a set of five.

laminatedprints18Laminated prints: These glorious prints may be placed on the floor surrounding the labyrinth or be used to decorate the space. People may be invited to take a meaningful print into the labyrinth with them.

$25 for each set

A. 135 prints (13 x 16 inches) by Georgia O’Keeffe
B. 50 prints(12 x 13 inches) by Susan Seddon Boulet with an American Indian theme

rocksshells19Rocks or shells in baskets offer a touch of nature. Participants are invited to take a rock or shell to keep as a reminder of their walk.

$10 Per container (basket not included).

icons-assortedTwenty-five icons and assorted images and sizes from 3 inches to 20 inches.


$25 for the set

These items are part of the Jill Geoffrion donated collection of Labyrinths and Sacred Ritual Resources to Wisdom Ways in 2011.