Contributing Artist: YOU!

You are invited into a collaborative, creative experience that honors the voices of a community full of artists. In this time of transition and uncertainty, we will collectively lift up what speaks to each of us as we navigate the expanse of hope.

See below for submission details.


We are all artists! As you ponder hope, we invite you to manifest your thoughts creatively through poetry, writing, painting, drawing, photography, video, building—whatever inspires you.

Please send us your creations through December 1st! We’ll review all submissions and select one or two to feature on a monthly basis in the Wisdom Ways emails so that others can be inspired and uplifted by the hope that surrounds us.  We look forward to the unfolding of this collaborative effort and a celebration of community creativity and hope.

SUBMIT ENTRIES: or mail to 1890 Randolph Ave., St. Paul, MN 55105


Use the below prompts to help your ideas emerge. Use them to create something to share, or simply as an invitation to journal or live with the questions in the days and months ahead.

Hope is the longing for that which is not yet.  What do you long for and where do you hold hope for yourself, your community, the world?

How does hope sustain you within difficulty? How has it helped you rise out of a difficult situation? What new perspective has hope gifted you with?

What senses does hope awaken within you? What colors do you see when you think of hope? What in nature speaks to you with hope?

What action/s is hope calling you into? What are the opportunities and challenges in this action?


Below you will find a selection of submissions Wisdom Ways has received speaking to our Fall 2020 theme of Hope:

September 21 marks the end of summer! As we transition out of summer, let us reflect on this photo of hope submitted by Chris Kwong.
“Papa celebrated beginnings.” — so begins Holocaust survivor and author Fred M. B. Amram of Minneapolis, Minnesota, in his submission Bereshit Bara Elohim (God Created Beginnings).