June 8, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Body Awareness, that of sensing into our sensations and emotional responses, helps us understand and access our humanity in a deeper way. When we value what our bodies are telling us, we engage with our innate capacity to Feel, Deal and Heal, not only for ourselves, but for the interconnected web we live within.

How do we learn the language of our bodies? How does being familiar with our own automatic responses help us understand the actions and feelings of others?

The practice of sensing into our own bodies opens our hearts, engages our vital life force, and builds our capacity to address the suffering of each other and our earth. Conscious awareness of our bodily experiences helps us find balance and resilience in our daily lives. We gain agency to make healthy choices, become more available to connect meaningfully and to compassionately meet our world.

Join somatic practitioner Kris Nourse for a three-part series to discover the language of your body through sensations and emotions. Explore the basics of your nervous system and engage in interactive practices to help you befriend and learn from your body’s responses. Discover how what we meet within us helps us meet each other with care and understanding.

Part 1: Learning the Language of our Bodies

Part 2: Stress and Painful Experiences: How we heal

Part 3: Embodiment: The practice of coming home to ourselves, to our world

This course location is TBD. See program page for updates related to the location.