February 12, 2021 @ 12:00 pm


A digital contemplative art experience with the icons of artist Janet Hagberg


I think of my quilted icons as windows to the Holy, as invitations to contemplate the Spirit. These contemporary Biblical images come to me in my solitude and speak to me as I translate them into fabric designs. Sometimes they surprise me with their intensely personal or gently universal message. Mostly they are examples of how the Holy longs for connection with us, to soothe and to restore.

Icons first inspired me when I entered an Orthodox Church in Russia more than 25 years ago. There were no chairs and the traditional painted icons were hung floor to ceiling, surrounded by contemplative Russian chants sung by a concealed choir.

My hope is that the images and music will bring the viewer a connection with the Holy in a personal way.



Icons: Windows to the Holy

You are invited to print out this document which includes each icon’s title and a set of reflection questions. The document may be used as a guide while you contemplate Janet’s quilted icons. The icons are listed in the order they appear in the video.



Janet O. Hagberg is an author, spiritual director, healer—and now an iconographer who specializes in contemporary quilted icons. Icons are not in her religious tradition but God has a great sense of humor and dropped them into her lap to help her embrace art and prayer in a different way.