January 28, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
This event will be held via Zoom.

We live in a moment of tremendous hope and opportunity — a moment that’s ripe for us to address the social, environmental and economic issues far too long ignored, and to do so with courage, compassion and, especially important, commitment.

Come encounter and embrace a framework and a process to help us meet this moment successfully and with the recognition that we cannot do this alone. Focusing on the question Who do we need to be to have the transformative conversations we need to have?, this interactive workshop offers a powerful set of research-based principles and strategies that will equip you to engage creatively in meaningful and productive dialogue with anyone — an essential skill if we’re to heal, resolve, and move forward together as one.

Through presentations, small- and large-group discussion, and exercises, you will more deeply understand:

  • The psychological and neurological dynamics that turn conversations into conflicts.
  • How a focus on relationship can unlock new possibilities for radical transformation.
  • How your personal story can be both a barrier and a bridge to understanding and resolution.
  • How to look beyond your personal story to access more easily and deeply your innate capacity for connection, creativity and collaboration.
  • How to apply these tools and strategies to a difficult conversation in your own life.

This course will be held via Zoom. See program page for online course expectations and details.

This course is facilitated by Kern Beare.