April 20, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
This event will be held via Zoom.


Spiritual guidance is fulfilling and challenging work: fulfilling because the people we meet and the stories they tell are fascinating and varied, complex because we can often get stuck. We can feel we lack a broad enough range of tools to meet the complexities we face.

This course is for new and seasoned spiritual directors who want to tend to their craft. It’s for those who will value some additional tools and frameworks for this sacred work. We will look at three methods which deepen our assessments of what’s really going on for clients—discerning their dominant mindsets, clarifying feelings that underlie thought patterns, and identifying three phases within a client session in order to focus on what is most helpful to address within each phase.  Using these methods, we will explore how to engage clients when their core issues have surfaced. Sessions will include presentations and large group discussions.

Instructor: Scott McRae

This course will be held via Zoom. See program page for online course expectations and details.