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Sonja Ausen
Pronouns: She/Her
Associate Director

Sonja is the Associate Director at Wisdom Ways.  Her days are filled with both creativity and structure; no day is the same!   She is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Wisdom Ways and enjoys expressing her creativity through the design of advertisements, flyers, and the Wisdom Ways website.

Sonja loves working in a position that has so much variety and balances the gifts of both her right and left brain.  She is grateful to work in an organization that allows her ample space for her free spirit to explore, ask questions, and belong; that promotes and focuses on women; for her colleagues; and for all the interesting people she gets to meet who are traveling their journey.

Sonja has a Master’s of Public Health and an MA in International Studies.  She is the Co-Founder of SMS Maama, a prenatal curriculum delivered via SMS and currently operating in Kampala, Uganda.  Prior to coming to Wisdom Ways, Sonja worked at several organizations in the field of refugee resettlement and fondly remembers and values her work with refugees and political asylees.