Introduction to the Heart Center

Scott introduces the Heart center, which focuses on emotions and feelings, and the Enneagram types (2, 3, and 4) associated with it.




Type 2

Scott represents Type 2 on the Enneagram with warm puppies and describes them as helpers, givers, or caretakers. On the surface, they are helpful, kind, and caring toward others; but under the surface, they expect something in return. In going through the Downward Ascent, they can ultimately emerge into their full capacity for generosity as representatives of love in the world.

Type 2 Overview




Type 3

Scott depicts Type 3 as the achiever of the Enneagram. This type is represented by a chameleon that, on the surface, appears as whatever is needed for success and approval but hiding a subtle fear of being insignificant. In journeying through the Downward Ascent, they can grow into true authenticity to become impactful changemakers.

Type 3 Overview




Type 4

To Scott, Type 4 on the Enneagram, often called the romantic or the individualist, is aptly depicted with a beautiful peacock. Type 4 is especially in touch with their hearts but can find themselves at the mercy of their feelings. From their Downward Ascent, they can reach an equanimity that will allow them access to their full creative capacity in all aspects of their lives.

Type 4 Overview