This course by Ihotu Jennifer Ali, MPH, LMT, is a welcoming workbook for both White and people of color to explore cultural healing practices for their own wellness – without culturally appropriating, misunderstanding, or diluting the integrity of sacred objects and medicines. In a world where we are increasingly divided, it is more important than ever that we learn about each others’ worldviews, struggles for justice, and the anti-blackness, anti-immigrant, and erasure of indigenous rights present in all of our communities.

Around 2-3 hours to complete, this course will take you on a tour of cultural medicines from sage, to acupuncture and rebozos. You will be introduced to powerful BIPOC teachers on wellness, culture, and appropriation, and guided in non-judgmental learning and reflection, including frameworks like “Seven Simple Yes Statements” and “20 Questions for Your Practitioners.”

Our goal for you, by the end of this course, is for you to have discovered more about medicines in your own lineage, as well as built more integrity and solidarity into your wellness practices and business practices, including learning insider tips on maintaining a sliding scale, offering scholarships, and more. Your actions are needed, for the future preservation of these essential, sacred medicines.

***Special discount pricing available for groups of 3 or more, including professional associations, training cohorts, college classes, and faith groups – Contact for more information.

***Profits from this course will support deep healing retreats, carepacks, and mentoring for Minneapolis BIPOC healers as a part of The Rose Generation, a project of Black Moon Bodywork, LLC.