Winter/Spring 2021



With the pandemic, we have been given an opportunity to celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year differently from years past. We will not gather at Carondelet Center to celebrate together but rather to honor and discover the Creator’s Blessings in our own unique way at home.

January 31-February 1: Candlemas
Light new fires in our hearts as Brigid did

March 20: Spring Equinox
Try to juggle light and dark

May 1: Beltane
Awaken to possibility

June 21: Summer Solstice
Be delighted by the longest day of light

August 1: Lamis
Appreciating the Creator’s many gifts

Please contact Mary Lou Flandrick or check the Wisdom Ways website for information on when we might begin to meet in person again.

CONTACT: Mary Lou Flandrick at 612-724-6008

These seasonal gatherings were started by Joyce Eckes and Roseann Giguere, CSJ.

Roseann Giguere, CSJ, passed away on June 9, 2013.