The Body of the World: A Reading by Mary Moore Easter

Come delve into a new collection of poetry by Pushcart Prize-nominated poet Mary Moore Easter. The Body of the World was a finalist for the 2017 Prairie Schooner Book Prize.
Poet Angela Jackson says Easter’s new book “leads us through the tangled past and bristling present of race, slavery, gender, and cruelty, through China, France, and America. Easter offers beauty, breathe, and hope. She will leave you wiser––O, so much wiser.”

Landscapes and Human Spirit in Willa Cather’s Novel My Ántonia

Whether you’ve read this engaging novel or not, come, learn, and participate in conversation about how it explores the resilient human, pioneer spirit. Living at the turn of century and the rise of modernization, Willa Cather was sensitive to the losses endured by land and peoples. In her writing she lifted up the cultural jewels engendered from prairie-life and immigrant experience. One hundred years after the novel’s publication, we can reflect on how it speaks to us and our challenges today.

Hedgerow Initiative: Wounds and Words: Body, Race, and Being

Our bodies are us. Race, sex and gender, sexuality, and culture make each human individual, particular, different. Our bodies make us visible to some and invisible to others. Our bodies make us insiders and outsiders, citizens and immigrants, privileged and profiled, straight and queer. Beginning with our bodies, the Hedgerow Seminar aims to translate wounds into theological reflection and suffering into the compassionate practice of solidarity.

Marie Olofsdotter: Love Medicine

Join Marie Olofsdotter for a session of poetry and bookmaking for writers and artists at all levels, no previous experience required. Come and create a unique book arts piece, a hardcover accordion book that will hold a poem, your secret song. Through a playful approach to writing, participants will be guided in the creation of poetry straight from the heart, where the most potent love medicine resides.

Marie Olofsdotter: Heartsongs of Poetry

Through a playful approach to writing, participants will be guided in the creation of poems straight from the heart. We’ll use tools such as metaphor and anaphora (pattern) to create vivid and compelling pieces of writing. In the process we might discover, like famed poet Maya Angelou, that “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”

CrosSing Borders: Puentes

Come enjoy a spring concert with Border CrosSing, which integrates historically segregated audiences and musicians by creating a landscape where singers and audiences more closely reflect the racial and cultural composition of the Twin Cities. This concert will feature songs and poetry of love and nature by Latin American authors such as Neruda, Benedetti, and Paz, whose multiple layers of meaning have changed through history.