The Heart of the Matter: Seeing the Inner Face of Evolution, Spring 2015 Hedgerow

Expanding the divine through science was at the heart of the Spring 2015 Hedgerow sessions. Through reflection, reading, writing, group discussion and ritual, participants joined Teilhard de Chardin in recognizing and reflecting on the mystic experience in their own lives. “…I have experienced it through contact with Earth,” says Teilhard, “the Divine radiating from the depths of a blazing Matter: This is what I shall try to disclose and communicate.”

Belonging: Meanings and Implications

Belonging is an evocative and multi-meaning word. Whether used as a noun, an intransitive verb, even metaphorically, belonging often links heart and head. To fit in, to be a part of, to be the property of, close, secure relationships – belonging can mean many things. Exploring its meanings can be important, stimulating and clarifying.

Abounding in Spirit: Fall 2015 Hedgerow

Among wise, creative, and inspiring theologians today, Elizabeth Johnson and Diana L. Hayes stand out. Both will be featured in the Hedgerow Seminar and through their most recent books. They will take us to the heart of issues challenging our faith today: our treatment of the natural world, and the poverty and prejudice embedded in U.S. social structures.

Fly While You Still Have Wings: A Mini-Retreat with Joyce Rupp

This retreat was based on Joyce Rupp’s latest book, Fly While You Still Have Wings. Joyce spoke about some of the topics in this memoir of her resilient mother’s aging and dying process: ancestral grief, living with regrets, letting go, the aging process, and the gift of faith as a source of strength in times of significant transition. The mini-retreat included communal prayer, a presentation by Joyce, and a group response.