Events with John Philip Newell

Come delve deeply into our responsibility in reclaiming the sacred elements that encompass our community and our being, and probe our role in midwifing the earth through her labor pains. Be called to challenge one another to an active ethic of life that is informed by faith and that invigorates sustainable change within our local spheres of influence.

Art and Eating Disorders

This exhibit is about expressing those parts of the experience of living with an eating disorder that are difficult to put into words. Art therapy is the therapeutic use of art making – creating art and reflecting on the products and processes helps people increase awareness of self; cope with symptoms, stress, and traumatic experiences; enhance cognitive abilities; and enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of making art.

Who Really Was St. Patrick?

The evening with Marcus Losack, took us on a sacred quest, entering a labyrinth of legend and tradition to share in the adventure of an exciting historic discovery. As the journey unfolded, we found ourselves drawn into an even greater mystery, St. Patrick’s life and our lives, his story and our story, are inextricably intertwined.

Events with Laurence Freeman, OSB

In his latest book, First Sight: The Experience of Faith, Father Laurence Freeman believes that the contemplative life is open to everyone.  A review of his work says that, “it can be achieved outside the walls of the monastery.  Indeed contemplation and meditation will transform our lives and thus our communities.  Freeman goes out to touch the hearts and minds of people involved in education, business and finance, mental health, the environment, inter-religious dialogue, collaboration, and citizenship.”  And also, “to any who think they can reach God by running faster,” Freeman’s three powerful events with Wisdom Ways awakened our authentic ability to survive and aided us in renewing and flourishing as spiritual beings.  The task is challenging, but the discipline invites a life-changing transformation.

Hedgerow Initiative – Spring 2013

Women have never been absent from history in the making, but until the rise of the women’s movement, often from its telling. This 12-week seminar reweaved Christian history with her stories of vocation, courage, compassion, and wisdom, using Mary T. Malone’s three-volume work Women & Christianity. How do women find their voices, claim authority, act creatively, confront, and participate in the challenges of their times? What are their legacies? What do their lives inspire in us who seek God today? Where have women found the movement of the Spirit? What do these leaders, visionaries, mystics, and activists have to tell us about their journeys and ours?

Creating Your Own Personal Prayer Labyrinth: Pilgrimage on Canvas

On February 7, 2013, we hosted “Create Your Own Personal Prayer Labyrinth: Pilgrimage on Canvas.” Participants used the labyrinth to explore colors, symbols, and images of personal significance, and with guidance, expressed these on a 60-inch hemmed cotton canvas to create a personal-size piece of walkable art suitable for display, large enough to walk, and small enough to fit in any home. The class was led by Lisa Gidlow Moriarty, an artist, spiritual director, and labyrinth maker, who has a passion for creating labyrinths and leading others in the spiritual art of creation.

A Peace of My Mind

Founded in 2009, A Peace of My Mind is a multimedia art project that fosters public dialogue about issues related to conflict resolution, civic responsibility, and peace. With black and white portraits and oral histories, over fifty subjects describe what peace means to them, how they work toward it in their lives, and some of the obstacles they encounter.


“Adelitas” refers to archetypal women warriors who cooked, cared for the wounded, and fought during the Mexican Revolution. This exhibit will showcase the women soldiers in our lives — women who need no praise or recognition, women who shift the world manually by their powerful hearts and gentle touch.