Women Creating Art for Peace and Gender Justice

This retrospective exhibition documents the images, photos, videos, paintings, costumes, and other media that highlight the work and experiences of WILPF and celebrate the 100 Year Anniversary of WILPF, the 20th Anniversary of the UN Beijing Conference on Women, and the 93rd Anniversary of the Minnesota WILPF chapter. Activities include: Daily programs, videos, events and artists’ interactions.

Let the Stones Shout Out!

Participants explored hands-on stone carving and spiritual traditions from world religions, and how these traditions ultimately ground us in memory, home, and worship. Through integrated teachings throughout the workshop, participants discovered, why, around the world, stone is an essential element in matters of the spirit.

Soul Fury with Coleman Barks

Participants experienced the ecstatic poetry of Rumi in a stirring reading by Coleman Barks, his celebrated translator, accompanied by two talented Twin Cities musicians: sitarist David Whetstone and tabla player Marcus Wise. Barks read poems rich in beauty and spiritual insight that captured the delight and the impermanence of bonds that pierce deep into the human mind, heart and soul.

Fall Soul: The Price of Sand, The Value of Life

Come delve deeply into our responsibility in reclaiming the sacred elements that encompass our community and our being, and probe our role in midwifing the earth through her labor pains. Be called to challenge one another to an active ethic of life that is informed by faith and that invigorates sustainable change within our local spheres of influence.