Fall Soul: Windows in our Walls

The 2017 Fall Soul conference challenges us to enlarge our windows and shrink the walls in the boxes that keep us from one another. Come engage the rich and textured culture of the Twin Cities as we view selected documentaries about people behind headlines and travel bans—many with roots and paths in Minnesota,

Iraq is Flying

Jamal Penjweny’s photographs of the Iraqi conflict have been published around the world. But at the peak of the conflict, frustrated that war was the world’s only lens on his country, he left photojournalism and began focusing on his artwork. To show another dimension of Iraq—its life and future and resilient people—he captures ordinary children, men and women, US and Iraqi soldiers all leaping into the air.

More Than a Single Story: Finding Courage in a Time of Darkness

More Than a Single Story is a series of panel discussions/community conversations inspired by Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s powerful TED talk, The Danger of a Single Story, which shows how stereotypes are fostered when we treat one story of a people as their only story. Moderated by Carolyn Holbrook, the panels invite writers of color and indigenous writers to discuss issues of importance to them in their own words.