Moving the Race Conversation Forward with the Enneagram

Start or continue to work toward antiracism by identifying internalized narratives, inviting body awareness, and engaging presence practices in this three-part online workshop. Together, we will explore racism not as a personal choice but as a collective, often subconscious reality that affects literally every person who grew up in Western cultures. Like our Enneagram types, racism tells a story of who we are that is incomplete.

Hedgerow Initiative | Creation and the Cross: Living in the Mystery of G*d

In this online course, theologian Elizabeth Johnson rethinks and reimagines the mystery of God in our unfinished world and fraught times.  Her book Creation and the Cross engages us seekers in critical and creative dialogue with Anselm’s feudal metaphor that makes Jesus’ death necessary to restore his Father’s honor.  No metaphor is adequate to express the mystery of God.  In our culture today, satisfaction theory turns God into an abusive father and makes Jesus a victim

The Enneagram and Tao Te Ching: 9 Ways to Move from Fixation to Flow

This course is a contemplative journey into 9 themes that converge when the 9 Enneagram types are aligned with ancient wisdom from the Tao Te Ching. Each theme is a spiritual pathway that illuminates ancient wisdom and speaks to our contemporary life-challenges. And, each theme invites us into the dynamic Enneagram that releases us from our constricted dominant type.

At Home in Oneself

It is so easy to find oneself on high alert, tense and exhausted by living through times with high levels of uncertainty and change. Our bodies so easily flip into a fight-or-flight mode, blocking our creativity, love, resilience, and hope. The antidote is to find ways to come home deeply to ourselves. At home in our bodies. Deeply at home in nature. At home in the universe and the unfolding story of the cosmos. At home even in the midst of our present evolutionary crisis.