Superior Light

Fascinated by the layering of colors in the depths of the forest and the grassy meadows they surround, Rita Beyer Corrigan is currently working with landscape images of northern Minnesota, especially along Lake Superior. The contrast of and reflective nature of water set against the land forms of both rocks and trees also call her to record their images.

Boundless Compassion Retreat with Joyce Rupp

Join Joyce Rupp in exploring this vital quality from many dimensions, including science, medicine, theology, spirituality, sociology, and psychology. During this week-long retreat, you will explore your personal and professional experiences of compassion, re-energize your ability to offer loving kindness, and go forth with a renewed commitment to be a compassionate presence for yourself and those who are in the midst of pain, struggle and transition.

Exploring Home Project

Mindful of the people swept up by mass migration, Wisdom Ways explored home: home gained, home lost, home recreated. We asked journalist and photographer Mike Kabeya Kazadi to interview more than a dozen Minnesotans of different ages, genders, cultures and life experiences. Drawing from a list of 10 questions shaped for this project, he asked …

Women of Faith in the Gospel of Luke & Acts

Luke’s gospel tells more stories about women than the other gospels, but women’s place in Luke and Acts warrants a suspicious feminist eye. What place do women have in the early Christian communities? What about the women who labor with Paul as coworkers, deacons, and apostles in his missionary world? How do these sacred canonical texts contribute to claiming equal place for women in our churches today? Joan Mitchell, CSJ, facilitated this series.

Osseous Stirrings

These photographs were made in light of ancient texts and those of our communities and earth suffering from a changing climate. They are images of ecological lament and fragile vitality that invite an earth-formed perspective on narrative and justice in the age of climate crisis.