An Introduction to the Enneagram: Nine Ways to Move from Trance to Dance

The Enneagram is a map for shifting our inner lives so that we flourish more in our outer lives. It is a system for self-development that uses a nine-pointed figure to portray nine basic personality styles. Each type views life through a different lens. Each type falls into a trance that is unique to it. And, each type has a unique pathway to freedom. Weaving together ancient wisdom, contemporary psychology, and contemplative spirituality, the Enneagram is a tool that transforms lives.

Meeting Mary Again: A Multicultural Artistic Pilgrimage

Over the course of a lifetime, teacher and Marian scholar Mary Kaye Medinger has accumulated a collection of Marian art from various genres and cultures.  Beginning with a small porcelain statue of Mary that stood on her dresser when she was growing up Catholic in the 1950s, her collection of images now encompasses images from places as disparate as Ethiopia and Ireland, Native American pueblos and Alaska, Mexico and Minnesota, Poland and Prague, Russia and El Salvador, and beyond.

More Together than Alone: Exploring, Experiencing, and Expanding Community

We know how important community is in bringing our whole selves to flower. And still it can be hard to find or create communities that will welcome us just as we are. This three-part series of guided writing, conversation, embodied practices and other creative activities invites you to discover a deeper understanding of community and what is needed to build it and find belonging in it.