She/He/They/We: Exploring the Galaxy of Gender

How does gender shape who you are, how you perceive others, and how the world understands you — or doesn’t? As society wakes up to the exquisite variety of gender identity, you are invited to explore what that means. Transgender people are experiencing unprecedented momentum as well as dangerous backlash in their fight for safety, visibility, and acceptance, and it is more important than ever to show up as an informed and active ally to people of all genders.

Hedgerow Initiative: Living Luke’s Gospel Today: Continuing Jesus’ Mission

Interpretation matters. The insights readers find in the scriptures depend on the questions we bring to the text. The bible can seem hopelessly dated, silencing women, accepting slavery, using male images of God, but as women have become theologians and scripture scholars their new methods actively engage today’s readers in critical and creative dialog with scripture.