Rambunctious Garden: Saving Nature in a Post-Wild World

Nature is not something that is ‘out there’ and separate from our daily lives, says writer Emma Marris. Instead we are surrounded by a rambunctious garden that has been shaped by human beings—which raises significant questions. If no ecosystem is pristine and we cannot go back to a natural world untouched by human activity, how will we go forward? How do we conserve, protect, and engage with nature? What is nature and what is our place within it?

Follow the Blackbirds: A Reading by Gwen Nell Westerman

Come savor the traditions and languages of the Dakota people as Gwen Nell Westerman reads from Follow the Blackbirds, her book of poetry in Dakota and English. “My uncle and my grandma told me we should always try to tell the truth about our history and our culture,” says Westerman, whose poems, stories and fiber art remind us that Minnesota and the upper Midwest have been a Dakota place since “beyond remembering.”

An Introduction to the Enneagram: 9 Ways to Move from Trance to Dance

The Enneagram is a map for shifting our inner lives so that we flourish more in our outer lives. It is a system for self-development that uses a nine-pointed figure to portray nine basic personality styles. Each type views life through a particular lens that shapes what we notice and value, what we see as ideal, and what we want to avoid. This narrowed perception becomes a kind of trance.

Meeting Mary Again for the First Time

Come join an early spring exploration of a fertile symbol of creativity! Through the lenses of music, art, poetry, and theology as well as our personal experience, we’ll explore the creative role that Mary of Nazareth has played in various spiritualities and peoples, including Mother of Jesus, Mother of God, Mother of the Church and Mother of us All.