The Grace in Aging for Men

There is tremendous need and capacity for men to enter into their aging with deliberation and even grace, especially after having been grounded in spiritual awareness and practice. This fall series will explore men’s time of life related to aging guided by Kathleen Dowling Singh’s powerful guidebook, The Grace in Aging.

Hedgerow Initiative | The Strength of Her Witness: Jesus Christ in the Global Voices of Women

Women identify with Jesus in fresh and diverse ways—as friend, birthing woman, breast feeding woman, insignificant one, suffering woman, Christa, surrogate, abandoned, forgotten, enslaved, subject to empire. Their witness demonstrates the full humanity of women and the robust faith women live despite sexist, racist, elitist, colonial mindsets.

Join in exploring and transforming the Christian doctrine too often used to oppress women.

Prairie and Poetry

Experience a one-day seminar on the prairie that attempts to reveal the richness of our landscape through careful scientific observation and thoughtful reflection guided by literature. Enjoy a day of wondering and wandering through the wild restored prairie at Belwin Conservancy in Afton, MN.

Experiencing Hildegard of Bingen

Come delve into the life and creativity of Hildegard of Bingen, a twelfth-century Rhineland mystic, writer, healer, leader, playwright, composer, and preacher. In 2012, 833 years after her death, she was declared a saint of the universal church and one of only four women among 35 persons officially recognized in Catholicism as a “Doctor of the Church.”