American Pilgrimage Project

Wisdom Ways had the opportunity to be a part of the American Pilgrimage Project–a collaboration between StoryCorps and Georgetown University. Sonja Ausen-Anifrani, Wisdom Ways staff, interviewed John Marboe, Wisdom Ways presenter and collaborator on May 29, 2015 (American Pilgrimage Project). Tune in to Parts 1 and 2 of their conversation.

Fly While You Still Have Wings: A Mini-Retreat with Joyce Rupp

This retreat was based on Joyce Rupp’s latest book, Fly While You Still Have Wings. Joyce spoke about some of the topics in this memoir of her resilient mother’s aging and dying process: ancestral grief, living with regrets, letting go, the aging process, and the gift of faith as a source of strength in times of significant transition. The mini-retreat included communal prayer, a presentation by Joyce, and a group response.