The Emergence of Islamophobia and the Importance of White Allies

Thursdays, October 6 and 20, 2016

6:30 - 8:30 pm


Waves of Islamophobia roiling the United States and Europe are unleashing fear and hate in our world.  Cruel and inaccurate stereotypes are increasing while tolerance and civil liberties are threatened. As well, a new racial formation around "Islam" and the "West" seems to be emerging.  Whereas in the past the notion of a Muslim Other informed a notion of a Western self among elites, today the fear of Muslims is deeply penetrating popular identity and giving rise to a fascist-like movement that threatens to tip us into a deep dive of racism that will be hard to overcome.

White allies are critical to speaking up and intervening to stop the new racial formation from its horrific objectives. Come be part of two sessions that will analyze this movement and how it is transforming political and national identities—and invite you to play a role in preventing others from being pulled into this frightening new racial formation.

Readings and Resources from October 6 Class:


A member of the Macalester College sociology department, Khaldoun Samman teaches a wide variety of courses, including “Islam and the West, The Politics of Fear, Secularism and Its Discontents.” He is author of The Clash of Modernities: The Islamist Challenge to Jewish, Turkish, and Arab Nationalism and Cities of God and Nationalism: Mecca, Jerusalem, and Rome as Contested World Cities.

WHEN: Thursdays, October 6 and 20, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

COST: $40.00

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