The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation

Tuesdays, January 31, February 14 & 21, March 14 & 28,
April 11 & 25, 2017
6:30 - 8:00 pm

In The Divine Dance, Fr. Richard Rohr (with Mike Morrell) writes, “Let the circle dance rearrange your Christian imagination.” The circle dance metaphor refers to the dynamic relationship and flow found in the Trinity. He is inviting us to understand and experience a God of love and renewal. No more God throwing thunderbolts from a throne. This is a Trinitarian God of transformation.

We can best understand this metaphor by dancing ourselves. Just as Rohr draws upon Eastern Orthodox mystics to help us understand the Trinity, so too can the ritual circle dances from Eastern Orthodox cultures help us embody the divine flow of love.

The Divine Dance suggests seven spiritual practices for bringing an understanding of the Trinity into our hearts. Each week we will enter into The Divine Dance through dance, the spiritual practice of the week, and book discussion–each part enriching our understanding of the other. Please read the assigned section of the book prior to each session.

Books are available at the Wisdom Ways office.

Session Topics:

Session One: Seeing in the Dark
We prepare ourselves to let go of what we think we know about God so that we can create a new relationship with God. Through contemplative reading we will prepare our hearts to release the idea that God is a substance and begin to see a God of relationship. Read pages 25-40.

Session Two: Watching for the Flow of Love
Through contemplation we will attune to the presence of Love within and without. Rohr uses the metaphor of mirroring to describe this flow of love. We will literally use mirrors and act as mirrors to each other to attune our hearts. Read pages 40-64.

Session Three: Walking Meditation
Reshaping our image of God also reshapes our sense of personhood. We are in the process of being loved and passing on love. The Trinity as our stable, rooted identity creates balance in our receiving and giving. Using the practice of walking meditation we will connect with the unfolding flow of our lives. Read pages 64-89.

Session Four: Body-Based Knowing
We will bring new consciousness to the practice of making the sign of the cross, a simple prayer that affirms the power to bless oneself, honors the body, and helps reclaim our spiritual identity. Ultimately practice leads us to a place of vulnerability where the ego identity can fall away. Surrendering to love, we allow it to break us out of dualistic impasses. Read pages 90-117.

Session Five: Breath
“You cannot ever say ‘God’ and know what you are talking about, but you can breathe God.” Emptying ourselves of words can help us connect with the generous self-emptying of God.  Breathing meditation will invite new ways to understand suffering. Read pages 121-147.

Session Six: Praise: Evocative Names for God
Our practice is to praise a God who is the source of our lives. Let us praise the never-ending pattern of loss and renewal, and Jesus as part of the much larger Cosmic Christ. Praise helps us recover a sense of transcendence that has the potential to renew both our prayer lives and Christianity.  Read pages 147-181.

Session Seven:  Becoming Spirit People
Attuning to the Holy Spirit helps us show up in a new way that changes the reality around us. Spirit brings spontaneity and freedom to let love happen. We will practice being messengers of the Holy Spirit with each other through the Wisdom Sparks practice. Read pages 185-194.


Artist and healer Emily Jarrett Hughes helps people tap into deep inner resources for transformation. Embodied spiritual practice is at the heart of her classes and one-on-one work. Her two-year training with Laura Shannon on Women’s Ritual Dances is the foundation for how she teaches and presents dance in many contexts. Learn more at

WHEN: Tuesdays, January 31, February 14 & 21, March 14 & 28,
April 11 & 25, 6:30 - 8:00 pm

COST: $145.00 for series; $25.00 for single session

This series is nw closed for registration.