Spiritual Practices

Spiritual Spa

Spiritual Spa comes to an end.

For the past eleven years, on the third Friday of each month, a circle of people gathered most often in room 105 at Carondelet Center for a time of reflection and meditation led by Sisters and Consociates. Nancy Davis, CSJ, coordinator of Spiritual Spa, brought together a wonderful mix of Sisters and Consociates who shared stories of faith and vocation and invited all who gathered to a deeper reflection on their own spiritual journey. Many thanks to Sister Nancy for her generous commitment through the years to organize the monthly presenters for Spa! We know many will miss the opportunity to come to Spiritual Spa as it has been an oasis for prayer and community connection.

Thank you to all
who led presentations, reflections, and meditations through the years.

We also know it is a time for a change. What might unfold as a new of way creating an oasis for people to hear from Sisters and Consociates is yet to be envisioned. If you have ideas, please call Wisdom Ways at 651-696-2788 and share your thoughts. We will plan with Consociate Services and other ministries to re-imagine ways Spiritual Spa may take a new form.