Thursday, September 28, 2017
7:30 – 9:30 am

Central to many religious traditions is developing awareness of how thoughts and emotions dominate much of our focus of attention.  To “Let go and let God” requires some type of practice focused on surrendering our well-developed and overprotective egos or false self.

The Welcoming Prayer is a simple and practical way to let go of the afflictive emotions that arise regularly.  This is a discipline for daily life which originated through Centering Prayer as a supplemental practice.

“The Welcoming Prayer more than holds its own as a tool of inner awakening, and used with this deliberate intention, it can take you all the way there.  It is the most important practice I know of to engage the attention of the heart and apply it to the total transformation of consciousness.”

Cynthia Bourgeault

Terry Shaughnessy first learned the Welcoming Prayer in 1992 from Mary Mrozowski, the creator and spiritual mother of the practice.  This simple, yet profound spiritual tool has enriched his Centering Prayer practice and helped provide freedom from much unnecessary suffering in his life.

COST:  $15



Terry Shaughnessy is a spiritual director trained in Ignatian Spirituality through the Master’s in Christian Spirituality Program at Creighton University. For Contemplative Outreach of Colorado and other venues, he conducts retreats and workshops and teaches Centering Prayer. His primary passion is offering the ministry of compassionate presence to support men from a variety of backgrounds to tend to their inner lives.

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