Saturday, March 10, 2018
9:30 – 11:30 am

For too long most of us, especially men, have lived in our heads. We analyze, judge and criticize, which often leads to disassociation and isolation. Most of us are carrying around a spectrum of challenging emotions unprocessed in our bodies. Descending into our physical body is a way to reclaim more of our body’s strength and flexibility, our heart’s emotions, and our soul’s wisdom.

Come explore the body using breath awareness, postures, movement, and non-judgmental observation. Together we’ll not only release tension but also integrate mind, body, and heart to illumine the peace within. Bring comfortable clothing to experience easy postures that will support spiritual body connections and which can easily be connected to practices you can continue at home.

COST:  $40.00


Yoga teacher, massage therapist and health and wellness coach Chris Gordon owns and directs Big River Yoga, a center for wellness. Chris applies the ancient wisdom teachings of yoga and meditation to modern life. His teaching is clear, down to earth and accessible.

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