Tuesdays, April 3, 10, and 17, 2018
7:00 – 9:00 pm

The Enneagram is a map for shifting our inner lives so that we flourish more in our outer lives. It is a system for self-development that uses a nine-pointed figure to portray nine basic personality styles. Each type views life through a particular lens that shapes what we notice and value, what we see as ideal, and what we want to avoid. This narrowed perception becomes a kind of trance.

This map also shows each type its unique pathway to freedom that comes with our type. We flourish as we access all nine ways of being in the world. Weaving together ancient wisdom, contemporary psychology, and contemplative spirituality, the Enneagram is a tool that transforms lives and taps into something universal in the nature and functioning of human beings.

Session One: The Human Challenge: Awakening to the Trance
The history of the Enneagram; the human struggle to move from our small entranced selves to our vital essential selves; the model of the Enneagram; and a first look at the nine types.

Session Two: Exploring the Nine Types: Nine Pathways to Freedom
A deeper look at the nine types: the various ruts that each type falls into; the pathways out of the ruts; and the unique gifts that each type possesses.

Session Three: The Spirituality of the Enneagram: Joining the Liberating Dance
The Enneagram’s foundation is an ancient, contemplative spirituality that invites us into abundance by letting go of our trances. Each type is rooted in a Divine quality. The end journey of the Enneagram leads us not to typing ourselves, but to living differently in the world as we embrace these nine liberating qualities.


I’ve learned that every mortal will taste death.
But only some will taste life.

COST:  $75.00
Participants will be sent required advance work that will help determine their Enneagram type.


Scott McRae has been involved in spiritual work in various forms for 30 years, and feels like he’s just getting started. His journey has taken him from parish ministry through campus ministry, hospital chaplaincy, and spiritual direction. Director of Spiritual Care and Pastoral Education Supervisor for Park Nicollet Health Services, he and his wife Melanie run Sojourners Institute and its Sojourners Spiritual Guidance Program.

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