Christian Meditation: A Way of Contemplative Prayer

"Therefore contemplation, even at its highest, dearest, and most intimate, is not to be for you an end in itself.  It shall only be truly yours when it impels you to action: when the double movement of the Transcendent Love, drawing inwards to unity and fruition, and rushing out again to creative acts, is realised in you."

Evelyn Underhill 

Meditation is a form of contemplative prayer in which we move beyond words, thoughts, and images.  We open ourselves to God’s mysterious and silent presence within us and it becomes more and more the reality of our lives.  From this place of prayer we engage in our work in the world.

This fall, Wisdom Ways invites you to experience Christian contemplative prayer.


Christian Meditation Programs & Resources

Tuesday Evening Meditation

Meditation During Advent

Tuesday Noonday Meditation (Advent)

Morning Meditation Retreat


Deborah Chernick studies the history of Christian contemplative prayer and serves on the board of The Trust for the Meditation Process.

Susan Oeffling, CSJ
, spiritual director, has master's degrees in theology and counseling, and spiritual direction training from the Center for Spiritual Guidance.

Both facilitators have practiced meditation for many years.