General Background on Labyrinths

A labyrinth is an ancient circular pattern found in many cultures around the world. In its classical form, this sacred path has one concentric circular path with no possibility of going astray: unlike a maze, there are no dead-ends or false trails. The labyrinth engages the body, mind and spirit through the focused attention needed to walk its twists and turns. Labyrinths are used for calming and releasing distractions, for ritual, celebration, for gaining spiritual insight on questions, prayer, games and dancing.

Part of almost every spiritual tradition in such areas as Egypt, Greece, Italy, France, England, Sweden, Peru and North America, the labyrinth is experiencing a renaissance in the United States, gathering momentum and inspiring many to use this beautiful and powerful spiritual tool.


You are welcome to rent canvas labyrinths and other resources or borrow books and videos about labyrinths from Wisdom Ways.

The following resources are available to find other labyrinths available to the public:

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