Kindling the Celtic Spirit for Transforming the Times

Weaving Our Spiral Dance
through Winter and Spring

Tuesdays, January 29, February 26, March 26,
April 30, May 28, 6:30-8:30pm

The early Celtic understanding was that time itself was sacred, that the cycles of the seasons danced in spirals of movement signaling life, death and rebirth, the transforming fluidity of all things. The Celtic spirit was/is embodied, intelligent and passionate, expressing itself in energetic celebration of the spirits present and shape-shifting in the everyday world of the ever-changing Earth and Sky. Through that impermanence, we find our soul-full center.

In Mara Freeman’s book, Kindling the Celtic Spirit, we read that if our ancestry has European roots we can consider ourselves of Celtic origin! Through thousands of years of European tribal mixing, what we call “Celticism” was created. Much later, it was narrowed to a few countries where the tradition and language was kept alive. But even if our bloodline is not European we can claim and re-kindle for our time the Celtic ways and spirit of celebrating sacred time. We’ll explore:

  • How is the timeless Celtic Spirit connected to the Divine Feminine and her evolutionary unfolding within us now in our time?
  • What relevance might this tradition have for you through the ever-evolving shifts and changes of your life, for the transformation of your everyday awareness?

Our sessions will prepare us for each upcoming month and their themes as found in Freeman’s book. They will include presentation, conversation, ritual, prayer, poetry, guided meditation, creative art, and a treat of the month. Expect to learn and laugh!

January 29: The Welcome of the Door and Festival of Brigid. What thresholds are you yearning to cross? Where might you find your fires of inspiration?
February 26: The Well of Wisdom. How might you enter the healing depths of soul?
March 26: The Tree of Life. What vibrant life wants to take root in you, in the world?
April 30: The Festival of Beltane. How can the erotic and sensual lead you into joy?
May 28: Midsummer Magic—Our Sun in Full Power. What delightful powers reside in you and how can they shine more fully?

FACILITATOR: Nancy Cosgriff has worked for 25 years in both business and non-profits as a teacher, facilitator, organizational consultant, life-work coach and spiritual guide. She is a faculty member for the Spiritual Guidance and Leadership Program at WomanWell, which certifies participants in spiritual guidance.  Her D.Min. focused on Creation Spirituality and the Divine Feminine. She is a partner with the Center for Third Age Leadership which focuses on guiding adults in the second half of life. Visit


WHEN: Tuesdays, January 29, February 26, March 26, April 30, May 28, 6:30-8:30pm

COST: $25 per session