Journeying into the Country of Aging

NOTE: This program has already taken place. We leave this information so you can see the kinds of programs we offer.

Journeying into the
Country of Aging

Wednesdays, February 9, March 9, April 20, and May 11, 6:30-9pm


Conscious aging, or mindful eldering, explores a new paradigm for growing old in which aging is not seen as something that happens to us but as a pilgrimage for opening, deepening, strengthening and softening. This seven-part monthly series that began last fall invites participants to join in or to continue on this pilgrimage together, embarking on a journey of conscious choices and intentional growth. Each “leg” of this unforgettable journey offers a get-away to the rarely visited sites of possibility, beauty and wonder in the Country of Aging.  Pack your bags with curiosity, mindfulness and open-heartedness. With your guides, you will travel in safety and trust to explore and experience this alluring and captivating country.

In monthly sessions, participants will learn useful travel tips and tools for the road such as a self awareness inventory, tips for self-care, cross cultural perspectives and practices, knowledge of how the human brain processes in this new country and quotes, poems and stories that have inspired and encouraged other pilgrims on the road. We’ll use a travel log, journaling, photo albums and postcards to friends at home, for recording and reflecting on the journey. Small group discussions and intentional practices, new and old, will serve as compasses along the way. Session themes are grounded in multicultural perspectives and spiritual traditions, with Universe spirituality, nature and the seasons serving as informants and metaphors for our journey.

PRESENTERS: Joyce Eckes has a master’s degree in communication and transformational development and serves as a mentor and coach in K-12 education. She is a spiritual director and leads retreats on the Seasonal Journey and the Courage to Lead and Courage to Serve. Lucia Leck, with a master’s degree in adult education, is also a spiritual director and retreat facilitator. She is a certified Sage-ing Guild facilitator.

WHEN: Wednesday evenings, February 9, March 9, April 20, May 11, 6:30-9:00pm

COST: $30.00 single session

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2010 – 2011 Trip Itinerary:

October 6 Introduction & Overview
Orientation Session: Learning the Language & Culture

November 10 Destination I
Visiting Our History Museums/Archives: Unearthing Archeological Finds

January 5 Destination II
Stopping at the Overlook: Relishing the Panoramic View

February 9 Destination III
Trekking to Out-of-the-Way Vistas: Pondering Passages

March 9 Destination IV
Mingling with the Locals: Sharing Stories and Wisdom

April 20 Destination V
Cruising Down the Great River: Looking ahead – navigating the course

May 11 Closure
Returning Home; Celebrating Insights, Memories & Souvenirs

NOTE: This program is filled through May