Images and Videos from Wisdom Ways Events

Workshops: 2011-2013

John Philip Newell: A New Harmony

John Philip Newell, Ruth MacKenzie, Richard Hensold
October 29-30, 2013

John Philip Newell visited Wisdom Ways and Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church in October of 2013 to host two programs - "A New Harmony: The Spirit, The Earth, and The Human Soul" & "The ReBirthing of God: Christianity in Travail."

He was joined by musicians Ruth MacKenzie and Richard Hensold.

Three Events: “The Happy Heart is True,” Winter Morning Reflection on Candlemas, Evening Festival of Irish music and dance
Nóirín Ní Riain and her sons Eoin (Owen) and Moley ÓSúilleabháin of Size2shoes
February 1 – 2, 2013

Participants joined an exploration of the Irish psyche in song and story on the festival of St. Bridget. These events included presentations and music by Nóirín Ní Riain and her sons Eoin (Owen) and Moley ÓSúilleabháin of Size2shoes. The trio of events ended with an Irish celebration of music and dance.

Creating Your Own Personal Prayer Labyrinth: Pilgrimage on Canvas
Lisa Moriarty
February 7, 2013

On February 7, 2013, we hosted "Create Your Own Personal Prayer Labyrinth: Pilgrimage on Canvas." Participants used the labyrinth to explore colors, symbols, and images of personal significance, and with guidance, expressed these on a 60-inch hemmed cotton canvas to create a personal-size piece of walkable art suitable for display, large enough to walk, and small enough to fit in any home. The class was led by Lisa Gidlow Moriarty, an artist, spiritual director, and labyrinth maker, who has a passion for creating labyrinths and leading others in the spiritual art of creation.

Creating Ethical Wills
Dr. Barry Baines
November 28, 2012

This two-part program introduced the Legacy Journey™ as a tool for summing up our life purpose, lessons, values, wisdom and dreams for ourselves and future generations. In this first session on November 28, participants began the interactive process for creating their own Legacy Letter – a heartfelt letter summarizing and sharing their values, beliefs, future hopes, life lessons and love with family, friends and community.

Fall Soul 2012: You Are My Other Me-In Lak Ech
Rev. Dr. Barbara A. Holmes, Dr. Cecilia Konchar Farr, Jessica Lopez Lyman, Mankwe Ndosi, Regina Laroche
November 2 -3, 2012

The 19th annual Fall Soul Conference witnessed to cosmology and culture. The conference invited participants to learn, engage and practice you are my other me (In Lak Ech). Through interactive presentations, workshops and facilitated conversations, participants discovered techniques for self reflection, strategies for community organizing and direct action, as well as practices for enriching dialogue around difference and community.  Further, we considered systems of power, and ways to give witness to ourselves, each other and larger global systems in working towards social justice.

A Day With David Whyte: The Pilgrim’s Way

David Whyte and Size2Shoes
October 25, 2012

David Whyte was joined by Size2Shoes.  One of the central themes of the day was internal resilience, the necessity for following a certain star not seen or perceived by anyone else, an internal migration, a path running parallel to the outer road keeping any outward journey in the world relevant and true. Participants looked at the necessity for hardiness, for shelter, for risk, for companionship, for vulnerability and the absolute need to ask for help at transition points combined with an ability to recognize when it is being offered and the humor, humility and open hands necessary to receive it.

Creating Ceramic Finger Labyrinths

Lisa Moriarty, Sr. Jean Nelson, CSJ
November 16, 2011

One of our most popular classes at Wisdom Ways! Participants had the opportunity to play in the clay and create their very own ceramic finger labyrinth. Lisa Moriarty and Sister Jean Nelson, CJS facilitated the class.


Ritual Retreat for young women
Jessica Lopez Lyman and Marisa Stevenson
June 27-June 30, 2012

During this four-day, three-night retreat, young women traveled inward through ritual, meditation, visual art, music, and conversation. Participants were able to learn about themselves and build community in the following fun ways:

  • Morning yoga and meditation taught by Yogi Nicole Lyman, an instructor at Core Power.

  • Clay and ceramics workshop facilitated by Sister Jean the Potter.

  • A visit from cupcake baker and small business owner Claire Cambridge.

  • Sculpture Garden and Acoustic Campfire at the Walker Art Museum.

  • Creative writing, spoken word, painting, and music.

  • Life mapping workshops.

Karen Armstrong
discusses her "triple vision" approach to monotheism at the WomanSpirit "Stories of Discord, Seeds of Hope" panel discussion.

Stacy Offner
describes the role of cleaning and humility in the preparation for Passover at the "Stories of Discord, Seeds of Hope" panel discussion with Karen Armstrong.

Dr. Ingrid Mattson
discussed religious tolerance in Islam at the "Stories of Discord, Seeds of Hope" panel discussion with Karen Armstrong.

The late John O'Donhue reads a poem from his "Blessing the Space Between Us," during a program, Celtic Spirit, at Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality in 1997.