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Art Exhibits

Into the Depths: Postures of Grief
Baya Clare, CSJ
September 23 – October 20, 2014

"In coming to peace with some of the losses in my life, I have found it helpful to give grief some images of its own. I made this series of woodcuts about 15 years ago in the context of an independent study course in printmaking that I took at St. Kate's while working on a master's degree in theology. They were gouged raw from pinewood blocks, which was a difficult, but also satisfying and healing process in the way that major griefs can be."


Tracks in the Snow: The Minnesota Muslim Experience Since 1880

Islamic Resource Group of Minnesota
August 25 – September 22, 2014

Tracks in the Snow offers an insightful glimpse into the lives and rich contributions of this community. Portraits and stories of 25 individuals, told in their own words, invite you to learn more about the Muslims who have made Minnesota their home for more than a century.