Evolving into the Fullness of Love: Meditations on Body and Earth

Thursdays, September 22, October 6 and 20, 2016
10:00 - 11:30 am

Evolution is the movement toward more being and consciousness; that is, greater awareness of the whole and deeper connection to the whole.

– Ilia Delio

Our generation is experiencing the fastest rate of change in human history. The chaos and uncertainty of our times tests our hearts and our faith. Our souls are thirsty for a sustaining connection to love’s current. We need to know in our bones our part in the whole.

Reflections on the evolution of stars, the earth, and life on earth will serve as doorways to connecting with the love energy that marks the history of the universe. Through meditations that engage all of our senses, we will listen deeply to scientific information about the cosmos, Minnesota’s natural history, and the brain. Together we will explore practices for daily life that nurture a sense of deep connection to the whole of life: basking in a sunbeam, holding a rock, joining a circle, and many more.  

The very process of becoming conscious of our part of the whole is in fact part of the bigger cosmic evolution. Through meditations infused with movement and music we will strengthen our ability to participate fully in the evolution of consciousness towards the fullness of love.

Session Topics:

The Life of Stars

The Autumnal Equinox reminds us that we are spinning around the sun. This scientific fact was once heretical, and in many ways our theology has still not caught up with this understanding of the cosmos. We will honor the sun and stars for their roles in the cycle of life on earth and in the universe. Breath, walking meditation, guided imagery, and group sharing will nourish the heart’s connection to the deep time of stars.

The Life of the Planet

Let’s make the journey of the universe even more tangible by noticing it beneath our feet. Minnesota’s rich soil, bodies of water, and rock formations contain stories of tropical heat, volcanoes, and glaciers. Touching and meditating on the soil, water, and rocks around us will reveal this natural history. Gentle moving meditations will help us attune to the movement of ice and tectonic plates, and discover the deeper patterns that created our world. By experiencing these elements and their story we can connect to the deep time of the earth and the underlying organizing principle of love.

Life in Evolution

What is humanity’s place in the journey of the universe? We will take an experiential and meditative journey through the mind of single cell organisms and the billions of years of evolution to the human brain. Scientists can map the specific nerves through which we humans perceive our connection to the whole. Teilhard de Chardin called this consciousness “evolution looking at itself and reflecting upon itself.” We will draw on meditation, meditative movements, ritual dance, and singing because they release the hormones that nourish our sense of connection to the whole of life.


Artist-healer Emily Jarrett Hughes helps people live vital, meaningful lives through group classes and individual sessions based in the creative and meditative movement practices of qigong and dance. Learn more at www.wisdomdances.com.

WHEN: Thursdays, September 22, October 6 and 20

COST: $60.00 for series; $25.00 for single session

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