September 1, 2017 – November 30, 2017 all-day
Carondelet Center
1890 Randolph Ave
St Paul, MN 55105


“As a child I was frightened by the images from my family photo album,” says Syrian American artist Osama Esid. “I was unable to understand the images of people with piercing eyes and of blurred children. Most frightening of all was the thought those people lived in a world that had lost its colors. In 1977, a new form of photograph appeared, square and colorful, in the family photo album. For my father, it was the instant gratification of the Polaroid camera that made him so happy. For me, the Polaroid brought the answer of knowing where the colors came from. But it also raised another question. ‘How did the colors get inside?’ This became my interest in technical photography.”

With his Polaroid camera, Esid met and photographed Syrian families living in the Adana refugee camp in Turkey.  Come meet the residents of Solomon’s Tent and share their dignity amid duress.

This exhibit will be part of our Fall Soul Conference, November 10 & 11, 2017.




Syrian photographer Osama Esid’s moving works explore notions of his own personal identity and the communities he is a part of.

Born in Damascus in 1970, Osama Esid studied at the Technical Institute of Damascus, working at the same time in his father’s tailor shop.  In 1996 he moved to Minneapolis where he lives and creates. Esid has received awards at the Minnesota State Fine Art Fair, McKnight Foundation and from Franklin Art Works, Minneapolis.